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10 Tips That Can Help You Achieve The Desired

Clearly defined goals and their implementation – is the cornerstone of any business in any field.  Therefore, it is very important to understand the tasks you set and the results that will follow after the performance of these tasks. In this article I have collected 10 tips, using which on practice you can achieve the desired. 1. The vision. The more specific your goal, the easier for universe to help you achieve it, and it becomes easier for you to build a logical chain of actions on Read more


Add Video to WordPress Blog Using Video Embedder Plugin

Earlier in the blog, I’ve already touched on the topic of plugins for photos and images, and today I want to tell you about a very useful plugin called Video Embedder. This module allows you to add videos from the most popular video providers such as YouTube, Google Video, etc., directly to your wordpress site. Now let’s move to installation of Video Embedder. So, the first step is to download the latest version of the plugin Video Embedder. You can do it on the official WordPress Read more


6 Ways Of Self-Motivation

It’s no secret that motivation is a huge stimulus on the way to the cherished dream. It helps to set and achieve goals, overcome difficulties, never give up and fight to the last for your dream. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the urge of implementation the desired through self-motivation. Below, I prepared a list of 6 ways of self-motivation, which I often use, and that helps me not fall out of the race in moments of doubt and weakness. 1. The most important moment of Read more


How To Restore A WordPress Blog From A Backup

In previous article I described a method of protecting your site – a database backup. Today I want to consider another option – how to restore a wordpress blog from a backup. There are several elements of the site that are needed for successful restoration: • A database (contains settings and materials of a blog) • wp-content folder (contains your images, attachments, themes and plugins) • .htaccess file • wp-config.php (this file holds your database connection Read more


Protect Your Blog – Use Database Backup Plugins

Once you’ve set up a blog and began to fill it with content, it’s time to think about such issue as database backup of your wordpress blog. This is one of the highlights in blogging, because no one is safe from cases of partial loss of information or blog completely. And having a database backup, you can easily restore your blog. So, database backup can be done in several ways. First, your host provider should make available services such as site database backup. Second, you can Read more


Effective Time-Management: 7 Tips How To Accomplish Unfinished Business

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Sometimes it happens that we start a business, but for unknown reasons, not bring it to conclusion. And when such incomplete cases accumulated a lot – it’s like a disaster. In this article, I have prepared a few tips how manage your time effectively and accomplish unfinished business. 1. Make up a do list. Take a pen and a sheet, or open a special program, or application, and write down a list of all things that put pressure on you. Take a break for 10 minutes and relax, because Read more


Autoresponder as an Instrument of Effective Blogging

I love blogging. It’s fun and exciting. But also requires responsibility, first and foremost, to the readers, as they are the main link in the chain of successful blog. Like any blogger, who runs a blog independently, I know the feeling of time pressure, because in addition to writing the content on your resource you have to deal with many other things for its promotion in the net. And very often there’s no enough time to build a relationship with the audience. In such cases, the aid Read more

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